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integrative women’s health

healing starts here.

Welcome to Knoxville Integrative Women’s Health, where you are heard. Where you are validated. Where you are the leader of your care team. Where your treatment plan is empowering, healing and redemptive.


care that is focused on your goals and needs, not mine.


healthcare isn’t one-size fits all. as a whole person, you need a whole solution.


healthcare that fits your schedule, wherever you are. telehealth appointments with time slots into the evening, weekends, and early mornings.


treating the whole person- your care will involve various modalities of treatment, if you want it to. we treat your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

complete, holistic women’s healthcare that meets you where you are.

Juniper Drawing Illustration
Juniper Drawing Illustration

meet amanda.

I am proud to have the opportunity to be of service to women throughout their reproductive lifespan. I believe all women deserve to have their voices amplified, and to feel powerful and confident in making informed choices. I will empower my patients with education so that they can be the leading members of their care team.

I am Amanda Horn. I am married, and am the proud mother of a sweet baby boy, born after years of infertility, pregnancy losses and fertility treatment. It is through my experiences in conceiving that I became passionate about serving women. I became acutely aware of the inadequacies of women's health education, and the stifling of women's voices as they experienced their own healthcare. I left a career in education to become a healthcare provider who would be an agent for change in those two areas. As a nurse and midwife, I have had the pleasure of working alongside other CNMs, OBGYNs, nurses and doulas throughout my career.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Creighton University, and my Master’s Degree from Frontier Nursing University. I am currently earning a graduate certificate to add a concentration as a Psych Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I celebrate the human body, and give thanks to God for His creation.

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all services are offered on a telehealth basis at this time.

click each image to learn more.

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Real Image of a Woman and Her Baby at Postpartum Recovery
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postpartum support

how can we navigate challenges in postpartum mood? could optimization of hormones help you?

preconception and fertility

how can we ensure a healthy start to pregnancy? how can we positively impact your fertility?

perimenopause & HRT

what ways can we support this new era in your health? what ways can we ensure you enjoy this season?

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women’s wellness

how can we optimize your hormones and overall health prior to conception, or for overall wellbeing? are there ways we can get to the root cause of gynecologic concerns you have?

Couple holding hands
Celebrating weight loss

fertility awareness & contraceptives

are you interested in fertility awareness as a form of contraceptive, or as a tool to understand your own body? are you looking for the right birth control for your situation?

weight management

would weight loss impact your quality of life and overall health? are you highly motivated to make the changes to reach your goals?

just need a quick visit to treat a small problem?

I do offer short appointments for women’s urgent care items that may not require a full workup. Struggling with a yeast infection? UTI? Sinus infection? These are perfect examples of complaints that just warrant a Quick Visit- one that won’t require follow up!

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what is the path to wellness ?

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Everyone starts with an initial consult. This is an hour-long appointment where we get to know each other, establish your goals for care, hone in on your present and historical health concerns, and create an evaluation plan to get a big picture. It is helpful if you have any pertinent records available for this consult.

A period of evaluation may occur here! This may include labs, imaging, or cycle-tracking. You can have labs and imaging done at a location that we identify is near you.


A second hour-long consult visit allows me to extensively discuss your evaluations. Learn about the importance of the labs we collected, imaging that was received, or key findings from your cycle tracking. In this visit, we will also iron out final treatment goals, and begin working on the plan of care that helps you meet your goals.

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Thirty or sixty minute follow up appointments are scheduled at key intervals to follow your progress and satisfaction with your plan of care and to make adjustments as needed..

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is the weight loss track


yes and no! There is still an initial visit, followed by evaluation including labs and/or possible imaging. From there, we have a follow-up consult, and treatment begins! Appointments in the weight-loss track are a bit shorter than in the wellness track.

what about adding on weight loss to integrative health package?

Totally doable! If weight-loss is part of a bigger treatment plan you receive a pretty substantial discount on the weight loss portion of your care.


In order to provide fully integrative healthcare to women, we are not accepting insurance at this time. We happily accept your HSA or FSA account, and can occasionally offer a superbill for insurance reimbursement once your account is paid in full.

your health is an investment, not an expense.

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integrative women’s health

i can’t wait to see how we transform your health, together.

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integrative women’s health

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We’re on a mission. It’s a simple mission, but one that will take a lot of time and a lot of work — and we’d love for you to join us.

We believe that health is sacred, and so very personal. Every individual should be empowered to care for him or herself and take care of his/her body alone…at least, most of the time.

Many health modalities exist, yet the Western world is dominated by just one of them: allopathic. There’s absolutely a time and place for this system, but it’s not always the best option.

Further, many people feel scared of exploring alternatives. They’ve been told they don’t work, or are dangerous. They’ve been disempowered from caring for themselves and their families, even when it comes to the simple stuff. And some families have even been bullied or mistreated by this system.

It’s time for a change.

At Earthley, we want to be part of that change. It’s our goal to educate and empower people to take care of their own health. And, because access to health-promoting products matters as much as education, we produce herbal remedies and body care that support health — naturally.

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Fullscripts is a market for high-quality nutritional supplements which can be important on your journey to healing. If you are a patient at KIWH, you recieve a personalized supplement plan, but followers are also able to shop the clinic’s favorite supplements.

Tempdrop helps make Fertility Awareness Methods- specifically those that use temperature- accessible for all! Folks who navigate challenging sleep scenarios, frequent nighttime wakes, different morning wake times, or other variances can finally use and trust their Basal Body Temperature as one of many important biomarkers to navigate!